Wood Blinds

If you like the look of natural wood blinds, Hunter Douglas offers a range of window coverings that use natural bamboo, reeds, grasses and hardwoods, adding a rich and warm dimension to any home or work space. As an authorized dealer and install of Hunter Douglas Window Treatments, Slats Blinds is proud to offer all six lines.

Here is a brief overview of the wood blinds we offer:

Alustra Woven Window Shades: The Alustra Woven Window Shades are made from bamboo, reeds and grasses. They create a warm and unique texture, with a natural wood appearance. They’re available in more than 45 color combinations and provide light and privacy control ranging from sheer to nearly opaque. They are operated using traditional wands and cords, or clutch continuous loop and motorization options are available.

Skyline Gliding Window Panels: These window panels are available for both large and small windows and can also be used as a room divider for Bay Area studios and loft spaces. They are available in a natural reed weave, which alludes to the look of natural wood. Light and privacy control ranges from sheer to opaque, and the panels are controlled using both traditional or motorized options.

Genuine Wood Blinds: We offer several lines of genuine wood blinds, which tend to be more opaque than other blind options. For more sheer light control and privacy, you may prefer products like the Provenance Woven Wooden Shades. Our wood blinds are available using traditional operating options, and PowerTilt motorization is available.

Provenance Woven Wood Shades: These shades are made from bamboo, reeds, and dried grasses. They can be lowered for a completely flat appearance, or raised in a series of attractive, overlapping folds. Provenance Woven Wood Shades can be opened from both the top-down and the bottom-up. Light and privacy range from sheer to almost opaque. Remote control mechanization is an option.

Wooden Shutters: Shutters provide a timeless and durable window covering that can be opened and closed in order to provide sun control and privacy protection. They can be designed and cut to fit a wide range of unique window shapes. Although there are a variety of operating systems available, motorization is usually not an option.

Wood Vertical Blinds: Vertical blinds work best in windows that are more wide than tall, making them ideal for large glass patio doors. They are more opaque than sheer, and can be operated via both mechanical and motorized options.