Roller Shades

Installing Roller Shades by Hunter-Douglas is just another way Slats Blinds ensures our Alameda and Oakland clients get the very best-quality window protection without sacrificing style. Offering a generous variety of styles, colors and fabrics to choose from, we make sure your roller shade selections look picture perfect in your home – allowing homeowners total control over energy efficiency, solar heat gain and shading, privacy – along with full-access to stunning outdoor views.

And, as with any of the window covering options offered by Slats, we guarantee:

  • Timely consultation appointments, measurements and installs
  • Full inspection of the blinds before they are installed in your home
  • First-rate customer service in the rare event you aren’t 100% satisfied with your window coverings
  • Warranty tracking and reporting if necessary
  • High-quality, affordable installation

Have a specialty or odd-shaped window to trim in your historical or custom designed home? No problem. Schedule a free, in-home consultation and our helpful and knowledgeable representatives will custom order and measure window shades to create a perfect fit. Plus, all of the following options are backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty.

Roller Shades for Every Home and Lifestyle

Roller shades are particularly popular because they offer excellent light control along with a beautiful, contemporary aesthetic. Here is an example of your options:

Sonette™ Roller Shades

The cells of the Sonette™ Roller Shades are gracefully curved. This bending of light results in gentle diffusing of direct sunlight while optimizing light availability in every corner of the room. Their cordless construction makes them a safe alternative for families with young children and/or inquisitive pets.

There are four different fabric collections, encompassing nearly 50 color alternatives, and all of the Sonette™ Roller Shades are available in either semi-opaque or room darkening alternatives. SofTouch™ Motorization is available, as is PowerView™ Motorization, which allows you to sync the shades’ opening/closing with pre-assigned synchronization of the shades’ opening and closing.

Designer Roller Shades

Designer Roller Shades are a favorite for those who appreciate a clean and modern look, but also appreciate some texturized definition. That being said, they look just as at home in transitional or traditional designs under curtain or drapery panels. There are more than 330 different fabrics to choose from, ranging from sheer to opaque, and Designer Roller Shades are customizable via a range of top and bottom treatments – including valances.

The Custom Clutch operating system features sleek, modern hardware together with precision-tuned lift technology that delivers exceptionally smooth operation, ease of lifting and the smallest light gap in the industry. Pair that with the high-tech Custom Clutch operating system and optional SofTouch™ Motorization (controlled by a smartphone, tablet and/or Pebble™ remote) and you’ll experience customized daylighting, privacy and energy efficiency at its finest.

Designer Screen Shades

Have a room in your house with a slider, patio doors and an excellent view of the landscape? Designer Screen Shades were created specifically for patio, sunroom and similar applications where clients desired UV protection without sacrificing their view.

Available in varying levels of “openness” designer screen shades are offered in varying levels of opacity, they provide the ultimate control in light, style and color. Designer Screen Shades are the ultimate in minimalism and sophistication.

Designer Banded Shades

Torn between solid or sheer? Our Designer Banded Shades are the answer. Combining panels of fabric, with sheer bands, clients reap the benefits of both. Designer Banded Shades are a perfect solution for homes on busy streets or businesses that want to appreciate an outdoor view and natural lighting, while still benefiting from privacy.

The bands come in three different widths to choose from, a range of fabric colors and options and are available in two different geometric styles. Once installed, clients can choose to align the bands for natural, diffused light or adjust the bands incrementally to provide desired levels of light and privacy.

Treat Your Windows to the Best Shades on the Market

Are you ready to explore the possibilities of roller and solar shades in your home? It’s time to experience the luxury of automated window treatments that optimize energy efficiency, diffused light, ambiance and privacy.

Contact the team here at Slats Blinds to learn more about your options and select the best window shades or blinds for your living and working spaces.