Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Are your blinds ready for a thorough cleaning? Even in the cleanest of homes, the accumulation of dust and small airborne particles will begin to show up on your blinds.

While a dry clean or dusting will improve their looks a bit, it can also rub the dust particles in even further, making your blinds appear streaked or spotted. Using household cleaners can also result in a smeared look, and can make your cords and wands look even more grimy than they did before. Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning is a high-tech cleaning process that loosens the toughest of particles.

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

In addition to normal dirt and debris, our Ultrasonic blind cleaning services remove:

  • Nicotine
  • Soot
  • Smoke stains
  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Grime
  • Oil
  • Misc. debris
  • Bug waste

The process also cleans the cords, wands, ladders, and lubricates the headrails. From headrails and slats, to cords and pulls, every inch of your blinds will be restored to cleanliness. Plus, your clean blinds help to reduce the allergens in your home, which can improve your indoor air quality. We can also repair your blinds so they truly look and operate as good as new.

Here’s how the Ultrasonic blind and shade cleaning process works:

We will come to your home and remove your window coverings. Once we get them back to our shop, we will make any necessary repairs and then begin the Ultrasonic cleaning process.

The Machine: We use an Ultrasonic blind cleaning machine, warm water, and a mild, earth-friendly detergent. The machine has digital transducers that generate sound waves into the water. These sound waves vibrate so fast they create millions of microscopic bubbles that implode thousands of times per second.

The Bubbles: These microscopic bubbles are able to penetrate the tiniest little pits, cracks, and crevices in your blinds. You know the streaks and spotting we mentioned above? Those normally occur as the result of dust particles and grime being driven further into the small recesses of your blind materials. This makes it nearly impossible to clean your blinds using conventional cleaning methods. The bubbles created by the Ultrasonic blind cleaning machine eradicate all of the dirt and grime particles, so your blinds look as good as new.

Once your blinds are thoroughly cleaned, they will be power washed and rinsed to remove any remaining loose particles. Then they will be hung in the fully extended and open position to dry. When the drying process is complete, we will return your blinds and hang them back on your windows. It’s that easy!

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